Over One Million Workers Suffer from Workplace Injuries

Four out of five injuries result in 25% of all compensation indemnity claims for back injuries and one-third of all compensable back injuries can be prevented with ergonomics.

The last thing you should worry about is the safety of your employees taking out the trash. Our Dumpster Access systems keep them safe so they can focus on the task at hand.

Dumpster Access products are manufactured by Work Safe Access. In addition to Dumpster Access systems, we design and manufacture ladders, stairs, railings, and platforms. We are the professionals you call to implement safe access throughout your property.

The Perfect Safety Access System for Dumpsters, Refuse, and Recycling Containers

Whether you need stationary ramps or stairs, or an easy-glide modular stair system, standard or outsized platforms, safety rails or chain rails, your Dumpster Access system is constructed from long-lasting, rust-resistant aluminum components. Every Dumpster Access system is made in the USA, manufactured by Work Safe Access.

Work Safe Access Dumpster Access units can be found throughout school districts, at municipal sites, construction, restaurant, and commercial businesses.

Dumpster Access Stairs

Dumpster Access Rolling Stairs

Step right up to your mobile or fixed Dumpster Access solution!

Dumpster Access Ramps

Dumpster Access 10' Ramp with Dumpster

Our fixed dumpster ramps are tailor-made for your safety access needs.

OSHA-Compliant Access Equipment

OSHA Guidelines

Work Safe Access follows OSHA compliance requirements to the letter. Our universal pre-fabricated and custom-designed components are built for even the most demanding site.

Every part and configuration is first founded on current OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines. We never second-guess your safety.

Dumpster Access Systems

Work Safe Access provides modular and fixed safety configurations with components built to OSHA safety standards.

No matter the height, width, or length of the dumpster, your Work Safe Access Dumpster Access Ramp or Stairs are designed to safeguard from injury, accident, and death.

From the tiniest details, like the all-environment pre-galvanized non-slip covering the surface of stairs and ramps, to the high-grade structural aluminum components, your employees will be working on ergonomically sounds, environmentally rugged, and OSHA-compliant dumpster access equipment.

Made in the USA

All Work Safe Access products, include the Dumpster Access series, are made to meet industry compliance standards. We build ready-to-go and customized solutions for all your access needs.

Configureations Designed for Safe Access

Every Dumpster Access product is designed specifically for safe access to your dumpster.