Kent School District Case Study

Learn how modular Dumpster Access units were the answer to deteriorating wooden steps and platforms.

Dumpster Access Ramp Kent School District

We replaced wooden access stairs and platforms with Dumpster Access mobile units for the Kent School District. Our OSHA-Compliant steps, platforms, ramps, railings, legs, and chain guards suited a wide range of dumpster sizes and environmental footprints.

Delta Air Lines Cargo Case Study

Learn how Dumpster Access units are the ideal fit for Delta Cargo at SeaTac.

Delta Cargo Dumpster Access Unit

We manufactured OSHA-compliant customized Dumpster Access mobile units for the Delta Cargo warehouse which included two customized mobile stair-and-platform units that work within tight space constraints while enabling the employees to quickly and easily move the stairs from task to task.

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