Top 10 Safety Rules for Dumpster Use and Access

Categories: Dumpster Access
  1. Do not risk back injury by hoisting garbage overhead
  2. Stay visible to traffic and stay alert to trucks or machinery moving near the dumpster
  3. Never extend your body over a dumpster
  4. Keep the area around the dumpster clean and free of clutter
  5. Never move items inside a dumpster with your hands or feet
  6. Never enter a dumpster
  7. Do not try to fight a dumpster fire, call the fire department
  8. Do not dispose of hazardous waste in solid waste dumpsters
  9. Notify your supervisor if you see signs of animals or pests in a dumpster
  10. Use caution when opening or closing lids, be aware of pinch points and where you place your hands