How Much Should You Pay For An Injury?

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Calculate Your Risks

Workplace injuries can erode profits and morale. OSHA Safety Pays program shows the true cost of an injured employee. The Compensation Calculator helps businesses understand the extent of costs associated with an injury. Even with one instance of back injury (Strain), at a low-estimated cost of $20,000 and a profit margin of 3%, the OSHA calculator shows the estimated indirect cost (this is what the employer pays) is a little more than $80,000.00. Direct costs are estimated at about $73,000.00. Combined, one back strain can cost north of $150,000.00.

This is for a single back sprain injury. The calculator also provides a second area to show how many sales a business would need to make to cover both the direct and indirect costs, based on a business’ profit margin percentage. The calculator, by default, will provide a 3% by default. At just three percent, the sales combined for direct and indirect that would be needed to cover this single example injury is a staggering $7.8 million. To learn more about how the cost estimates are calculated, read the OSHA Background page.

Safe Environments Are More Productive

Of course, providing an ergonomically sound way for employees to safely access work areas is simple compared to the sometimes life-altering effects of an employee getting injured at work.

Less lost productivity, fewer workers’ compensation claims, higher morale, more efficient performance of duties, and many other factors are a result of investing in a safer environment for employees. Products like our Dumpster Access units are often used in multiple areas. The portable units can be easily unlocked and wheeled down the hall or across the warehouse or parking lot to the next duty. There are many alternatives to workplace injuries that are far less expensive. With a little time and planning, you can provide a sound and productive environment.

Seamless Options For Your Environment

Dumpster Access units are available as ramps or stairs and have safety handrails, and chain-guards. A workplace environment needing more complex or customized solutions can review the Work Safe Access options. Schools looking for ADA safe access solutions can visit Welcome Ramp Systems.

Prevention Adds to Profits

Whether it is a Dumpster Access Unit, School stairs and ramps, or something uniquely custom for the workplace, these are a few examples of safe access equipment that can provide a safer environment for employees, and a better result to a business’ bottom line.