Making School Bus Emergency Drills Safer

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The Risk Management Case for Work Safe Access Safety Stairs
School bus drivers and student passengers perform emergency evacuation drills. These required drills happen on school premises within the first six weeks of each semester.
The goal is to ensure the driver can get themselves and the students off the bus fast. They must use the emergency exit door at the back of the bus. Washington state law requires bus drivers to exit the back of the bus within 25 seconds. Bus drivers must jump or slide out of the rear exit door.
Hundreds of people are making a leap of up to four feet off the back end of the bus every few weeks. Performing this drill without a safety access has resulted in serious injuries. Without units like our DSW-2 or DSW-3 units, this maneuver has resulted in broken legs, fractured ankles, and time-loss claims. Schools abiding by the drill schedule run the risk of injuries.
Required testing of the emergency evacuation procedures can be safe. Office of State Public Instruction recognizes that using safety platforms and stairs creates a safer environment for the training drills.
Our simple, elegant solution adds one more critical measure of safety. Bus drivers and students alike stay focused on the drills without worry of injury.