Fixed 10' Dumpster Access Ramp Model No. DR-10

The DR-10 Dumpster Ramp

  • 4′ x 5′  Platform
  • 10′ long x 4′ wide Ramp
  • Top of platform is 25” off the ground
Dumpster Access Ramp Angle
Dumpster Access Commercial Ramp
Dumpster Access Ramp Railing Detail
Dumpster Access Ramp Non-Slip Tread Detail DR-10
Dumpster Access Ramp Fixed

Lifting heavy items is one of the leading causes of workplace injury according to OSHA. Limit your liability exposure by installing our stable, rust-resistant aluminum dumpster access ramps. Help prevent workplace injuries by investing in a safety access ramp today.

Dumpster Access Ramp 10' Product Specifications

Dumpster Access Ramp Platform Connection

Platform Details for Dumpster Access Ramp Model No. DR-10

The Dumpster Access Ramp platform component is 4′ wide x 5′ long non-slip tread. The top of the platform rests 25″ off of the ground.

Dumpster Access Ramp DR-10

Ramp Details for Dumpster Access Ramp Model No. DR-10

The ramp component is 10′ long x 4′ wide for safe, easy access. The ramp has a 2.5 : 12 slope.

Dumpster Access Ramp Railing Closeup

Dumpster Access Rail Details for Ramp Model No. DR-10

Each Dumpster Access Ramp unit is finished with 6 each 5′ aluminum rails and 1 chain rail:
4 Ramp aluminum rails:
  • 5′ long x 36” tall
3 Platform aluminum rails:
  • 1 Aluminum rail 4′ long x 42” tall
  • 1 Aluminum rail 5′ long x 42” tall (interchangeable with chain rail)
  • 1 Chain rail 5′ long 42” tall with snap swivels (interchangeable with 5′ long x 42” tall rail)

 Dumpster Access Stair Tread DSW-3

Tread Details for Model No. DR-10

Platform and Ramp Tread
  • 13-gauge
  • Pre-galvanized
  • Dimpled
  • Perforated
  • Non-slip and non-skid

Ideal for drainage and slip resistance

Dumpster Access Ramp DR-10 Options

Expansion Options for the Dumpster Access Ramp Model No. DR-10

Add 4’ x 5’ bolt up platforms to extend platform length
Add 5’ rails for added platforms (aluminum or chain with snap swivels)
Add 5’ ramp sections to extend ramp length which also allows platform to be raised 12.5” per 5’ ramp section added

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